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The Slick® brand is created and imported by A1 Imports Inc., a privately owned Canadian company. #1 brand of Deluxe lighters in Canada, Slick® is constantly growing since its introduction in 2003. Consumers' craze for appealing designs and artworks gives a noticeable advantage to this competitive innovative line, as well as its popularity for wind resistant torch flames.

The entire selection, with more than 130 styles of lighters, includes many categories from Deluxe to Disposable lighters as well as ashtrays, tobacco grinders, filters and Butane gas.

Build with high quality and avant-garde technology; the electronic lighters ignite with the simple pressure of a finger! This newly feeding system propelled Slick® to the first rank for ergonomic comfort in the Disposable categories.

With products 100% guaranteed against all manufacturing defects, Slick® strives to always meet and surpass consumers' expectations. The eco-friendly refillable feature is one of the great added values and constant R&D keeps Slick® close to people's contemporary lifestyle.

We thank you for your interest in our product line! We have at heart your satisfaction.